What causes algae buildup on siding?

What causes unsightly buildup of algae on home siding?

There are a few factors that can cause algae to buildup and make a home on YOUR HOME. Algae begins to build up on areas of your home that tend to be exposed to moisture, warm, and exposed to sunlight. Once algae plants itself on your siding, it spreads because its food source is sunlight and since siding of homes is regularly exposed to sunlight, the algae has an infinite food source. This may be why you see an uneven amount of buildup around your home, some sides are more exposed to sunlight, or more moisture is built up around one side.

How do I get rid of algae from my siding?

To get rid of algae on siding its reccomended to use pressure washing. This is because a professional company has a mixture they use, coupled with the pressure from the washer, it will remove the algae and prevent growth for some time depending on their mixture. As much as pressure washing might sound fun to some, its recommended to use a professional company, as you may end up killing your plants or damaging your siding if you don’t know what you’re doing. Too much pressure can put holes in your siding. Not properly setting up for the job can lead to dead plants around your home. Using the wrong mixture can do more harm then good, even if the algae is removed, and also not all mixtures work the same for everyone depending on how much buildup there is and the location of the buildup. This is where Doback’s Power Washing can help you out. We always properly set up for each job and use our pressure washing techniques correctly to ensure there will be no damage to your home or the surrounding elements.

How do I prevent algae from building up again?

There are a few steps you can take to prevent buildups from getting out of hand and make cleaning your siding much easier, and less frequent. If you have sprinklers set up around your home, make sure they aren't hitting your siding, if they are, point them around elsewhere. You might want to reconsider planting around your home if the algae buildup is excessive every year. This is because plants, bushes, and trees hold moisture and if they are by your home the moisture will reach your home. The presence of fertilizers also help the growth of Algae get out of hand, as they enrich the soil around your house to hold more moisture, causing it to build up on your siding. As there are many ways to prevent the buildup of algae, its inevitable that the growth will come back yearly, or every other year. With the use of pressure washing mixtures, the buildup can be stunted so cleaning becomes a less frequent chore.

Doback’s Power Washing can help! We can remove the algae buildup from your property and keep it at bay! Call, Text, or E-mail for an estimate TODAY!

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