Why get your house washed?

A question we get asked a lot is "Why?", Why get your house washed? Why get your deck or patio washed? The answer is that there are many benefits most people may not know about to getting your house or surrounding elements pressure washed. I'll go over a list of benefits from washing things from your home to your outdoor furniture.

House Washing

Getting your home pressure washed is very important to its yearly health. Over the seasons, algae and mildew can populate all over your siding. Not only does this create an unsightly curb appeal, but it also degrades the air for the people who live around it. Algae can put toxins in the air you breathe, and if it's on your siding, that could eventually become a health risk. Here at Doback's we do what is called a "soft wash" to get rid of algae and mildew on home siding. A soft wash consists of less pressure than pressure washing, and includes a mixture we use to take algae off siding, and block it from coming back. We recommend getting a house wash done at least once a year, or every 2 years to prevent algae and mildew from coming back. Keeping current on your house washes can:

- Improve curb appeal: This is important so your home is always looking its best for anyone driving by or your visitors

- Improve air conditions around the home: This is important because your health is a top priority. When algae and mildew grow on your siding, it will produce toxins in the air that you breathe.

- Prevent further algae/mildew inhibitors: When we wash the siding it prevents algae and mildew from coming back for a while. It will eventually creep back, but if you keep constant on your washing, the algae and mildew won't be able to grow back in a rapid or unsightly manner.

Deck Washing

Your deck is a place where you spend a lot of time if you're and outdoors type of person. On decks, many people have grills & outdoor furniture to enjoy a leisure spot. Over time when you walk on grass then back onto your deck, you'll track new dirt and stains all over. Getting your deck washed can make a deck that looks old & stained, into a deck that looks like it was built yesterday! We've done plenty of deck washes on multiple decks made of different material. If your deck is made of composite, (i.e. Trex decks) the dirt can sit on the top layer of the deck and create an unsightly view for anybody walking or hanging out on it. Our treatment will take this dirt and the staining right off, without any harm to the composite. If your deck is made of wood, algae and mildew can sit further down in the wood, making it much harder to get out. Have no fear, Doback's is here to help you! We use a surface cleaner and our special mixture to work its way into the wood and bring all that dirt, algae, and mildew up and out. The pressure combined with our mixture will destroy any stains left by the top 3 leading causes of deck staining & aging. It's important to keep your deck maintained for these reasons:

-Improve the air conditions: I can't say this enough, algae and mildew WILL pump toxins into the air around you. If you spend a lot of time on your deck, not only is the algae, mildew & dirt stains unsightly, but they can take a toll on your overall health.

-Make your deck look like new: When we do a deck wash, we can make a deck that has years of staining & algae degradation look brand new, or close to it! Next time you're out on your deck and you see any staining, just think of how much it would cost to re-build your deck. Now think of the cost of maintenance instead. It will be lighter on your wallet to keep your deck maintained, and it costs you less time to maintain the deck compared to having it rebuilt.

Stone Patios & Walkways

Its important for your stone patios & walkways to stay clear of algae for many reasons. One reason is because the algae degrades the stone & any material (i.e. concrete, sand, adhesives) that may hold your stones together & fill the gaps between them. You can also extend the life of your stone & adhesives through maintenance. Algae can and will eat away at your precious patios & walkways, especially since you usually walk on dirt before walking on your walkway or patio, making algae have an easy home on top of it. Pressure washing and maintaining your patios and walkways will not only extend the life of the stone, but prevent further degradation of the elements around it. We're proud to say at Doback's when we clean your patios & walkways, you only need to maintain them when you see visible signs of growth. Your stone patios & walkways are all around your home, from the front yard to the back. This maintenance is especially important because:

-Algae can make your walkway slippery: Overgrowth of algae on stone can make the surface slippery, leading to injuries. If you maintain your patios & walkways, you'll have no fear when your stone gets wet, that you won't be slipping and sliding everywhere!

-Prevent degradation of the stone & adhesive: If you keep up on your maintenance, your stone and the adhesives holding it together will have a longer life. Like a deck, you may eventually need to replace stones & their surrounding elements. If you keep up on the cleanings, the frequency of replacement are less occurring.

In total, home maintenance is essential. It can improve the quality of life, and air around you. It can also extend the life of multiple things around your home such as siding, decks, & stone. We always prefer a once a year cleaning of all things around the home to ensure that algae & mildew aren't a problem and their regrowth is stunted. If you have any questions or want to schedule a cleaning today, head over the the contact tab, or reach us at the following contacts:

Call/Text: 1-845-689-1660


Dylan Harris

Owner, Doback's Power Washing

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